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Scheduling A Visit

First, I anticipate that that you will have no transportation issues.

Second, I expect you to fill out all of the paperwork before you arrive in the office before your first visit.

Third, I expect you to attend groups regularly.

Fourth, I also expect you to be available for Random Drug Testing twice weekly. This will be to ensure that you are in compliance with our agreements, as well as to be certain about your habits. I do not discharge people who are non-compliant, unless they have a pattern of abuse of alcohol or drugs which precludes me from being able to help.

I usually discharge people with an admonition that if they want to become sober, they can do it, but they have to wait a total of 6 weeks before re-introducing themselves into our program. This is so that they can decide if this program is a good fit for them.

Who May Apply

Everyone has to be insured by MaineCare (Medicaid), or be under- or uninsured. This last piece is due to a grant from the State.

Available by phone:  207-395-5445